Gaming PCs below £500 in fact test 2018

When the purchase of a new gaming PC is imminent, the first question is how much money one has to spend on the new gaming PC. Especially at the first purchase, where you have little experience, the budget is limited and often does not exceed £500. For this reason, we would like to show you a small guide with which you can compile a good gaming PC for £500 or even create a good gaming PC. can buy.

Forward: A self-assembled PC will almost always have more performance than a PC, which you order for the same price as a finished PC on the Internet. If you buy a pre-assembled PC, the price of course takes into account the performance of the employee who has assembled the PC and other costs. If, on the other hand, you assemble a PC yourself and assemble it in your own house, these costs are eliminated. It is also possible to coordinate the components well with each other, which is not always the case with finished gaming PCs.

Buy a finished gaming PC for less than £500

You should be aware from the beginning that this gaming PC will not necessarily play the latest games, at most on low or medium graphics. Somewhere you have to cut back on the low budget and that’s often the case with finished gaming PCs – exactly where you shouldn’t be saving money. Be careful with cheap power supplies, as they can easily overheat or use too much electricity in the long run. Processors are currently not a problem, because the new Skylake processors will make older models much cheaper.

At Amazon you will find among others following gaming PCs up to £500:

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Gaming PC Dell Precision T3400 Core 2 Duo E8400 3.0GHz 4GB WiFi DVD GTX 1050 Windows 10 64bit
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Gaming PC Lenovo M91p Quad Core i5-2400 8GB 1TB GTX 1050 WiFi Windows 10 64Bit Desktop Computer (Certified Refurbished)
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Gaming PC Dell Quad Core i5-2400 16GB 1TB GTX 1050Ti WiFi Windows 10 64-Bit Desktop PC Computer (Certified Refurbished)
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Gaming PC Dell 9010 Quad Core i5-3470 16GB 1TB GeForce GTX 1050 Ti 4GB WiFi Windows 10 Pro 64Bit Desktop Computer (Certified Refurbished)
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Build your own gaming PC for £500

If you are not afraid of the work involved in assembling your PC, you can easily create your own Gaming PC for less than £500. Here you have the complete freedom to decide for yourself which components will be installed in your gaming PC. You can also make sure that the components are well matched and harmonize with each other. It is also possible to do without certain extras, for example to buy a stronger graphics card. CD drives are becoming less and less popular, as are DVD writers. If you don’t need these parts, you can also leave them out and invest the money elsewhere.

Alternatively, you can also order the parts in an online shop and have the PC assembled for a small surcharge – usually £30-40 . On Youtube there are hundreds of videos for a PC assembly and even someone with two left hands creates such an assembly within one to two hours. We will give you current suggestions, which components you can install in a gaming PC for nearly £500 and still play games on high graphics settings. You can either order the components on Amazon or check out a cheap price comparison in a cheapest dealer.

There are no burners or DVD drives installed. Generally, we can only recommend installing SSD hard disks for gaming PCs from £700 upwards. An HDD hard disk with 500GB or 1TB should be enough in this setup.

Gaming PC for approx. £400

Gaming PC for £500 (Intel)

Gaming PC for 500 Euro (AMD)

Gaming PC for £600