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In addition to low-cost gaming PCs, there are dozens of providers of high-end devices that get the most out of every game. Starting with graphics settings on Ultra, via the activation of z. B. Nvidia Hairworks up to the use of VR glasses on the computer, which will most likely become gait and give in the future. For all this a gamer needs the appropriate PC and this is not only characterized by powerful hardware, but in most cases also by extravagant appearance – for example an individually designed housing – and of course by a very high price.

To the top there are no limits, but one should be aware that it is nonsense to spend more than £2.000 on a PC. The one reason is that you can play almost all games with a setup of approx. can play £1000. The second reason is the high depreciation of the hardware. Since every year new processors, graphic cards etc. are added to the system. the very expensive models quickly fall in price. If you buy a gaming PC worth £2.000 in one year, it will only be worth a fraction of the price next year.

On the other hand, you will be rewarded with a lot of power, ultra fast speeds and a great feeling when you buy a high-end gaming PC. In general it can be said that you should pay attention to the different components and think about whether you want to buy a finished PC or assemble it yourself. As with the cheap gaming PCs, it is also the case here that you spend more money when buying a ready-made PC than with your own configuration. Well-known manufacturer of high-end PCs is Alienware, Hitech, XMG and MSI, where MSI only sells gaming laptops.

Buy built gaming PCs for over £2.000

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OMEN X by HP 900-153ng Gaming PC i7-7700K 32GB 3TB 512GB SSD Dual GTX 1080 Win10
OMEN X by HP 900-153ng Gaming PC i7-7700K 32GB 3TB 512GB SSD Dual GTX 1080 Win10
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Build your own gaming PCs

As mentioned above, there are no limits to the price. In order to make your choice easier, we will create several sample calculators in different price categories. So you’ll find the perfect setup for every budget!

High End Gaming PC for £1.100

High End Gaming Pc for £1.350

High End Gaming PC for £1.600

High End Gaming PC for £1.900

As an example, we have listed a PC that is hard to beat in terms of performance. The calculator is not only recommended for gaming – but it should also be recommended for the price.

High End Gaming Pc for £23.000